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Everything you need to know about Holle Organic Baby Foods

May 27, 2018

Holle is one of the leading and oldest manufacturers of Organic Baby Food in Europe. Holle was founded in 1933 by Albert Diefenbach, under the name “Holle Food AG”. Right from the start, the company built a foundation of organic and bio farming standards, staying true to their philosophy of anthroposophical dietary principles and biodynamic quality.

What makes Holle so special compared to other organic formula brands?

Holle takes the word “organic” a step further and only offers Demeter products.

Demeter is the trademark for goods produced from biodynamic agriculture. Only very strictly regulated partners are able to use the Demeter label. These regulations can only be set by the Demeter Society, whose criteria exceeds far beyond the standards of organic farming certification and cannot be compared in to what we call organic in the US.

All stages of production are thoroughly checked - from growing to processing, all without any compromises.

Demeter agriculture is unique in its consistent and holistic approach because, through its biodynamic growing methods, it gives back to nature more than it actually takes.

Having the Demeter certification means:

  • They take extreme care of their raw ingredients, how they are processed and cooked, through a continuous quality control system.
  • Working closely with their Demeter certified farmers guaranteeing a long term supply of high quality raw ingredients.
  • No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used to grow their raw ingredients.
  • Holle strictly only uses biodynamically or organically grown food.
  • Each and every item produced by Holle is constantly checked to making sure it meets the highest legal, safety and nutritional requirements.
  • All of Holles baby foods and formulas are guaranteed to be free from genetically modified ingredients (in accordance with EU regulations).  
  • They never use artificial flavors, colorings, preservatives or refined sugar.

Holle believed in sustainability right from the very beginning

Holle is extremely aware of the responsibility they carry by being manufactures of baby food. As a result, sustainable management and social responsibility have always been among their company’s core.

Holle products

Holle carries a range of different products: Organic Baby Milk formula to Organic Baby Porridges. At Organic Baby Food Shop you can find the following: 

  • Holle Stage Pre Organic Baby Formula: Can be fed from birth to 6 months. 
  • Holle Stage 1 Organic Baby Formula: Can be fed in addition to breast milk or by itself starting at 3 months 
  • Holle Stage 2 Organic Baby Formula: Can be fed in addition to breast milk or by itself starting at 6 months 
  • Holle Stage 3 Organic Baby Formula: Can be given to babies starting at 12 months.

Apart from the cow milk formula, Holle also offers Goat Milk formula which can be a great alternative if your baby is suffering from a cow milk allergy or intolerance. At Organic Baby Food shop we offer:

  • Holle Organic Goat Milk stage 1: for babies starting at birth 
  • Holle Organic Goat Milk stage 2: for babies starting at 6 months 
  • Holle Organic Goat Milk stage 3: Suitable for babies after 10 months 

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