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25 food ideas for your 4-6 month old baby

June 05, 2018

Your baby is 4 - 6 months old, can hold his own head high and is definitely interested in other food than your breastmilk? Then it's time to introduce solid baby food! At the Organic Baby Food Shop we love cooking for our children, but we understand that homemade food can be very time consuming, so today we will share with you our favorite easy peasy, healthy but delicious baby recipes. We hope your baby enjoys them as much as we did!

Remember, 4 months old is the earliest stage where you can start introducing solid foods. Make sure to know what your baby can eat depending on its age, have a look at our food chart.

When preparing to feed your child solid foods always keep in mind:


  • Less is more. Start simple and get more elaborate over time. Finely pureed food keeps the tummy happy.
  • The more vitamins and minerals the better, whenever possible steam the food rather than cooking to keep all the nutrients.
  • Always buy seasonal and regional in order to get the least polluted products possible and obviously always keep it organic.
  • Start with easily digestible organic fruits and organic vegetables.

Start feeding your baby a basic puree of organic vegetable or organic fruit and adding a bit of liquid – boiled water, breast milk, baby formula or even organic apple juice – in order to get the desired consistency. Here are some of our favorite, simple yet tasty ideas for your baby.

Baby food recipes

Homemade baby food recipes


1. Avocado and Banana Puree

  • Ingredients: 1 ripe organic banana, ½ ripe organic avocado, liquid (boiled water/ breast milk/baby formula) until the desired consistency is reached
  • Preparation guide: Peel the banana and the avocado and mash them with a fork or blend them until it reaches the consistency of puree.

2. Pear Puree
    • Ingredients: 1 ripe organic pear and your desired liquid (boiled water/ breast milk/baby formula)
    • Preparation: Wash, peel, quarter and cook the pear for 10-15 min with a little bit of water stir it once in a while, then blend it and add your chosen liquid.

    3. Apricot and Apple Puree
      • Ingredients: 2 Organic apricots, ½ Organic apple, liquid (e.g. apple juice)
      • Preparation: Wash, peel and cut the apple and steam it with the apricots, then puree everything and add a bit apple juice until smooth.

      4. Carrot Puree

      • Ingredients: 2-3 organic carrots, oil, liquid
      • Preparation: Wash, peel, cut and steam the carrots (approx. 8 min), puree them, add 5 drops oil (we love organic coconut oil with carrots), you can mix it with a bit of water for a better consistency.

      5. Apple Carrot Puree

      • Ingredients: ¼ organic apple, ¼ organic carrot, oil.
      • Preparation: Wash, peel, steam the organic apple and carrot, then puree them and add some drops of organic oil.

      6. Pumpkin Puree
        • Ingredients: Organic Pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg
        • Preparation guide: Cut the pumpkin in two halves, take the seeds out, bake it face down in the oven with approx 1-2 inches of water between 375-425 F for approximately 40 - 60 minutes, then remove the soft pumpkin “meat” and then mash or puree it, spice it with a tiny bit of cinnamon and nutmeg.

        7. Apple Puree
          • Ingredients: 1 organic apple, cinnamon, and water
          • Preparation: peel apple and boil until soft. Puree apple and add a pinch of cinnamon.

          8. Potato Carrot Puree
            • Ingredients:  2 organic potatoes, 2  organic carrots, and milk of your choice (Formula or breast milk)
            • Preparation: Wash, peel, cut the potatoes and the carrots and cook them for approx. 15 min until they are tender, then blend them to puree, mix it with breastmilk or a bit formula milk to make it extra creamy.

            9. Pea and Potato Puree
              • Ingredients: 2 or 3 organic potatoes, a handful of organic green peas, a pinch of salt, water
              • Preparation: Prepare the puree, but include the peas and mix the puree with a bit of boiled water in the end.

              10. Parsnip - Carrot - Potato Puree
                • Ingredients: 1 organic parsnip, 1 organic carrot, 1 organic potato, a liquid of your choice.
                • Preparation: Wash, peel, cut the organic vegetables into cubes cook or steam them all together until the pieces are tender, then puree them with a bit of liquid to a smooth puree.

                11. Apple and Fennel
                • Ingredients: 1 organic apple, ¼ fennel (a small piece)
                • Preparation: Wash, peel, cut the apple into cubes, and cook or steam the apple and the fennel until the pieces are tender.  Mix and squeeze it with a bit of the cooking water to a yummy puree.

                12. Pumpkin Potato Puree
                  • Ingredients:  Fennel,  Organic Pumpkin, and Organic  Potatoes
                  • Preparation: 2 pieces of Organic Pumpkin, 2 Organic potatoes, 1 piece of fennel, 1 tsp oil ( your preference) Prepare the pumpkin (look at recipe 6.) Wash, peel, cut the potato and cook or steam them together with the fennel until everything is tender. Puree the veggies, add the oil and liquid until desired consistency.

                  13. Potato - Zucchini Puree
                    • Ingredients: 1 organic potato, 1/3 organic zucchini, a liquid of your choice
                    • Preparation: Wash, peel, cut the potato and the zucchini, cook or steam them until they are tender. Puree them and add liquid until desired consistency

                    14. Sweet Potato - Carrot Puree
                      • Ingredients: 1/2 organic sweet potato, 1 organic carrot, and organic apple juice
                      • Preparation: Wash, peel, cut and cook the carrot until it is tender. Wash the sweet potato, and bake it for around 1 hour and a half  (400 degrees) until it is tender. Let it cool down and then peel the sweet potato and puree it. Add a bit of organic apple juice.

                      15. Sweet Potato, Avocado, Apple
                        • Ingredients: 1 piece of sweet organic potato, 1/4 organic avocado, 1/2  organic apple, a liquid of your choice
                        • Preparation: Prepare the sweet potato ( look at how to in recipe 14) and the apple ( look at how to in recipe 3), mash the avocado and mix them with the rest. Add a bit of liquid for consistency.

                        16. Broccoli - Parsnip - Sweet Potato Puree
                          • Ingredients: ¼  of organic broccoli, ¼  organic parsnip, ¼ organic sweet potato, a liquid of your choice
                          • Preparation: Prepare the sweet potato (look at recipe 14) and wash, peel, cut parsnip, and broccoli. When they are tender puree them and mix everything together. Add a bit of liquid if desired.

                          17. Avocado - Carrot - Corn
                            • Ingredients: 1/2 organic avocado, 1/2 organic carrot, 3 tbsp organic corn, a liquid of your choice
                            • Preparation: Prepare the carrot puree, puree the corn, mash the avocado and mix together. Add a bit of liquid for the consistency if desired.


                            Food for babies

                            18. Carrot - Beetroot Puree

                            • Ingredients: 2 organic carrots, a little piece of organic beetroot, liquid
                            • Preparation: Wash, peel, cut the carrots and the beetroot, cook or steam them until they are tender. Puree them and add liquid until desired consistency.

                            19. Sweet Potato - Pumpkin

                            • Ingredients: ½ a  sweet organic potato, a piece of organic  pumpkin (same size as the piece of sweet potato), milk of your choice
                            • Preparation: Prepare the sweet potato (look at recipe 14.) and pumpkin (look at recipe 6.), mix them together and add a bit of breast milk or baby formula.

                            20. Pumpkin - Beetroot Puree
                              • Ingredients: A piece of organic pumpkin, a piece of organic beetroot (1/3 of the pumpkin piece), liquid
                              • Preparation: Prepare the sweet potato (look at recipe 14.), wash, peel, cut and steam or cook the beetroot until tender and then puree it, mix both purees together and add a bit of breast milk or baby formula.

                              Starting at 6 months you can also add some cereal and porridge recipes. 

                              21. Rice Cereal

                              • Ingredients: 1/2 cup of organic rice of your choice (organic whole rice - brown rice, basmati or jasmine), 1 cup water, apple puree
                              • Preparation: Bring liquid to boil in a saucepan. Add the rice and stir often, simmer for approx. 20 minutes, then cool the rice, add water, breastmilk or formula and puree it. Add the apple puree.

                              22. Rice - Apricot Cereal
                                • Ingredients: rice cereal, 2-3 ripe organic apricots
                                • Preparation guide:  Prepare the cereal as instructed,  and the apricot puree (look at recipe 3) and mix it together.

                                23. Rice Porridge and Peas
                                  • Ingredients: Organic rice porridge, peas.
                                  • Preparation guide:  Prepare the cereal as instructed on package and mix it with the soft cooked mashed peas.

                                  24. First Oat - Banana Porridge
                                    • Ingredients: 1/4 cup organic ground oats, ¾ - 1 cup water, 1 ripe banana.
                                    • Preparation: combine ingredients in a pot and bring to boil. Then reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes. If it is too thick, add a little more water. Mash the banana and add it to the cereal.

                                    25. Oat - Mango Porridge

                                    • Ingredients:  2 tbsp organic mango pulp, oat cereal
                                    • Preparation: Prepare the oat cereal and add the mango pulp.

                                    These are some of our and our babies favorite purees, passed on by generations!😉 Care to share your favorite?

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