Fun activites you can do together with your baby to stay fit

Fun activites you can do together with your baby to stay fit

August 14, 2018

Fun activities you can do together with your baby to stay fit

Let's face it, most of us don't even have the time to get enough sleep nevermind the time to actually go to the gym. To stay active is critical for a healthy body and mind, so today we would like to share with you some fun activities that you can do with your baby or toddler to stay active and fit.

Walking: If your baby still does not walk, that does not mean you cannot take it out for a walk. There is one thing just going around the block with your baby in the stroller and there is actually getting some cardio in whilst walking in a quick pace to get your heart pumping. Try to go for longer walks (around 1 hour) and keep your heartbeat up. There are even strollers especially designed for mommy runners, called jogging strollers.

 Swimming lessons: Sign up for swimming lessons with your baby. Not only will swimming be great for your baby to maximize its psychomotor development but multiple neurological studies conclude that movement and physical activity have a direct impact on babies’ cognitive development, and everything we can do to encourage movement from an early age will be beneficial for their growth. It is also a very bonding moment for you and your baby. If that is not already great enough, while your baby is swimming with you, you get in a great workout too, as you will be moving your legs and arms under water which will help you tone up and build muscle.


Bike ride: There are many safe options to cycle with your baby, you will just need the right gear. In order to cycle with your baby, it is important that it can already sit by itself. There are three options to do so: Back or rear-mounted seats very common and are used as bike seats for cycling with a baby.  They usually fit on the back wheel and have a high back, raised sides, leg guard, and a harness. This is ideal as your baby can even take a nap while you cycle through nature and get tons of fresh air. Front seat: your baby will sit in a front seat. You can place your arms around the seat to steer safely. Because your arms have to go around the seat and your vision of the road needs to be clear, front-mounted seats are more minimalist than rear-mounted seats. This is a great alternative if you want to keep a closer eye on your baby. Trailers to tow: Trailers behind your bike can be attached to your bike via the rear axle and skewer. This option is better for older babies starting at 1 years of age.

Yoga: Yoga is great because you don't need to leave the house to do so, especially great for rainy and cold days. While they are many poses you can do with your baby, you can see some videos here yoga can also be practiced while the baby is down for a nap, or simply watching you sitting or lying nearby. We did this with our first born Eleanora, and just by watching she has become quite the Yogi herself :)

 Yoga with kids


Whatever activity you choose will be great to stay in shape, get some fresh air and bond with your little one.

What is your favorite mommy baby activity?




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