Lebenswert Stage 1 Organic Formula - No Box


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Sealed pouch + scoop included. No outside box!!

Occasionally the outer box is damaged in transport from Germany, but the inner pouch is safely sealed.

Birth to 6 months

      • 100% organic infant formula
      • Organic milk from grass-fed free-range cows
      • Lactose as the only carbohydrate
      • Gluten-free and Soy-free
      • No maltodextrin or starch
      • Easily digestible
      • No genetic engineering
      • No added aromas, flavors, or dyes
      • No added preservatives
      • Strictly pollutant-controlled
      • Recommended by Pediatricians in both Europe and the US.


  • Description:

    Lebenswert Stage 1 formula is one of the absolute best formulas you can feed your baby. It is a highly nutritious infant formula that can be fed from birth and it can be given with breastmilk or on its own. Lebenswert is as close to breastmilk as a formula possibly can be. It contains only naturally grown ingredients from compound-free agriculture and production, making it a premium quality organic baby food.

    All Lebenswert products are Bioland certified, whose criteria extends far beyond the standard organic farming certification. It is easily accepted when switching from another formula, and usually cures colic, constipation, spitting up, and general digestive issues due to the minimal ingredients and premium quality. Lebenswert is produced by Holle, the oldest and most trusted organic baby formula brand in the world.

    We only dispatch products with a long shelf-life and airtight sealed.

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Marianne M.
United States

The right decision for our baby!

I researched a great deal before choosing this formula. Our daughter was born 8 weeks premature. Since breastfeeding did not work out long-term, I was eager for something far better than what the American formulas on the shelf were leaving us with. While on the American formula my daughter had severe gas pains and very irregular bowel movements. Since she has been on the Lebenswert 1 she has bowel movements multiple times a day and they resemble the ones she had when on breast milk! She no longer has gas pains either. I am also extremely pleased with the customer service we have received from this company! Second to none! Thank you for everything :-)



Thank you so much for your review, Marianne! Thank you for sharing such a lovely story, and we are so incredible grateful to be able to help your little girl thrive with Lebenswert. We had the same experience with our first daughter - unable to continue breastfeeding but dismayed at the choices available on the shelves here in the US, so once we found Lebenswert it was truly a miracle. It makes us really happy to be able to share it with moms like you, and we are always delighted each time a long-time customer orders again :) Thank you so much!!

United States

Wouldn't think of buying from anyone else

My wife and I could not be any happier with this formula. Our son's gas has gone down to pretty much zero. Well, he still *****, but the gas doesn't cause him anywhere near as much agony as the previous formula we used. The customer service here is outstanding! I won't be procrastinating this time around and will be putting in my next order immediately. Thanks!

Román G.
United States

These guys are the best!

So there I was, almost out of formula, or so I thought. Little did I know that my wife knew better, they always do (am I right?), and had asked me to order a day earlier. Thinking I had plenty of time. I placed my order the next day. Big mistake. Our lil fella was almost out of formula and I was not feeling good about my procrastination. Come to find out that the formula will arrive the day after we need it. Doh! Lucky for us, we live near/close to one of their distribution centers and Scott was more than willing to bring us the formula so that way our kiddo didn't starve. What a save! Scott & Co. are amazing! The formula is fantastic! Our baby doesn't suffer from too many or any gas fits anymore, which is awesome. What really stands out is their customer service. Scott did not have to drive out of his way to bring me the formula that I didn't order in time, but he did. That meant a lot to me and my new family. These guys are amazing & I would definitely order from them again. As a matter of fact, I'm about to order some more after I'm done writing this review. This time, I'm not procrastinating. Thanks again Scott & OrganicBabyFood.Shop!

satya p.
United States

Great service

The service here is above and beyond. I'm a repeat customer and will be for as long as my babies need formula.

United States

Great formula, speedy delivery

Great experience ordering. Quick delivery and earned loyalty points to boot!



Thank you so much for your review of Lebenswert Stage 1! We are glad to hear that you enjoyed the fast free priority shipping! We enjoy seeing repeat customers order frequently and earn points to use for discounts on future orders. Thank you again for your review and your orders!

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