Holle Goat Stage 2 Organic Formula


      • Ideal for babies from 6 months
      • 400g in each box
      • Makes 100 fluid ounces of prepared formula
      • Premium goat's milk
      • Biodynamic and 100% organic certified
      • No artificial chemicals, preservatives, or genetically modified ingredients
      • Easy to digest
      • Gluten and soy-free


      Holle’s Stage 2 Goat Milk Formula is the perfect option for babies from around 6 to 10 months of age who show an intolerance of or allergic reaction to cow’s milk. Whether their intolerance is present at birth or develops later, your baby will be much happier drinking milk that their tummies are able to digest comfortably. 

      Each 400-gram box of this goat milk for infants is made using the highest quality, organic ingredients that the Holle name proudly stands behind. These ingredients are sourced from biodynamic farms which use sustainable practices to both grow their crops and raise their animals. This means that the animals have plenty of space to roam and are given a pesticide- and chemical-free diet. They are also not subjected to cruel practices like dehorning.

      This goat milk-based infant formula is specifically designed to fulfill the needs of 6- to 10-month-old babies. During this stage of rapid development, it’s important that our little ones get the strength and energy they need to support such growth. Two important components of their diet are iron and calcium. Iron helps to fuel the body’s red blood cells that support brain development and calcium contributes to strong bones. Both of these minerals — and many others — are included in Holle’s Stage 2. 

      Even if your little one doesn’t have a specific cow’s milk intolerance, Holle’s goat milk formula is still an excellent choice with its essential nutrients and ease of digestion. Fewer belly troubles means happier babies which leads to happier parents too! Looking for a formula to feed your little one at bedtime? This is a great option for that, too. 

      If you’re still not sure if Holle’s Stage 2 Goat Milk is right for your baby, check out the reviews from other parents below. Or feel free to reach out to us directly — we’re happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have. 

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United States

Great products and fast delivery

Excellent experience with this company and very personalized service. Also the delivery was super prompt.


Thank you so much for your review of Holle Goat formula! It is our pleasure to ship quickly and we are just so happy to be able to send the best formula in the world!

Kelly C.
United States

Best on the Market!

I would recommend to anyone looking for a clean formula free of all allergens, gmos, lactose, pesticides, glutens and soy! You just can’t find it in the states. My daughter loves her milk and it never gives her tummy troubles. No gassiness, no fussiness no constipation. She’s a very happy baby. Also, organic baby food takes such care with their customers. They don’t overcharge, they ship quickly and leave a personal note of appreciation to the customer. I’m 100% satisfied all the way around.


Thank you so much for such a lovely review, Kelly! We are so happy to hear how well it is going with your daughter, and it is really nice to hear a great review of Holle Goat Stage 2. It is definitely impossible to find an organic baby formula even close to this quality here in the US, so it really makes us happy to be able to send it to other parents like you! Thank you again for your feedback, and thanks again for your orders!

Margaret C.
United States

Excellent product and customer service

I love this product! I searched and searched for an organic formula and this was the resounding winner. I also did not want to introduce cow milk (casein) into my baby’s gut at such a young age. The customer service is a cherry on top! Organic baby shop has been extremely prompt answering questions and shipping is super speedy!


Hi Margaret :), We do love our customers! Thanks for trusting us and being a loyal customer. As parents ourselves we know how important fast shipping is and we will always try to get the formula to you as fast as possible. Holle Goat formula is definitely the best option when trying to avoid cow's milk. All our best to you and your baby :).

United States


My baby wasn’t fond of the new formula so I had to introduce it incrementally. I mixed it in with his old formula... My brain did have to do some mental gymnastics to calculate water to formula ratio especially when adding both formulas together. It probably would be better to start your baby with the goat milk formula so they wouldn’t know the difference. The main reason I ventured into the goat based formula is because if Evivo probiotics. The probiotics feed of the sugars in breastmilk. Since I no longer breastfeed I was advised to do goat formula since it has more sugars then cow based formula. So we will see. It is pretty pricey to have as the exclusive formula, but we will keep trying it.

Britt M.
United States United States

The absolute BEST

I can’t thank you guys enough for getting our order shipped out on the same day. We were on a short vacation and I had a whole box we went through it way faster than I imagined we would and it got to us right on time! Thank you for saving us and your awesome customer service!

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