HiPP Organic Combiotic 1 Year & Up

    • HiPP Organic Combiotic Stage 4 formula

      • Suitable for children 1 year onward
      • 600g in each box
      • Makes 150 fluid ounces of prepared formula
      • Biodynamic organic certified formula
      • Gluten-free
      • Contains Prebiotic oligosaccharides (GOS) for a healthy digestive system
      • Supplements solid foods
      • No corn syrup or added sugars
      • HiPP Organic Combiotic Kindermilch can be prepared in a bottle and also transferred to a cup.
      • HiPP ensures an easy transition to solid foods


      Your baby has just hit the 1-year milestone and is by now surely enjoying a great variety of food, but you want to make sure, of course, that your little one is still getting all the nutrients and vitamins needed in this important growing stage.

      Maybe your baby has been on formula for a long time, or maybe this is the first time you introduce formula milk, either way, HiPP Kindermilch Combiotic is a great way to make certain that all of the nutritional needs of your growing toddler are met.

      HiPP Organic Milk is great to feed in a bottle, sippy cup or to be used to add extra taste and health benefits to warm porridges, cereals or mashed food.

      HiPP Stage 4 formula has the great advantage of containing important protein content which is well suited for the needs of fast-growing toddlers.

      At this age, your little one will go through a number of growth spurts and that is why it is so important at this phase to provide all necessary sources of nourishment, extra food, drink, and sleep.

      HiPP Children’s Milk contains omega-3 fatty acids which are derived from organic vegetable oils. These fatty acids are great to stimulate the growth of the brain, as the body does not develop these fatty acids on its own, which makes it important to get them through food.

      It also contains valuable minerals and vitamins that will support your toddler’s ongoing developmental needs. Made from the very high-quality milk, you can be proud of the choice you made with this formula.

      HiPP Kinder Milk 1 contains no preservatives or artificial chemicals, which unfortunately can be found in regular milk, this is a major plus for the health-conscious moms and dads who want only the very best for their toddler.

      Containing no genetically modified ingredients, no added sugar, and being gluten-free makes this formula even better, as it is very gentle on the digestion.

      In contrast to the milk found in supermarkets, this growing up formula is made from milk that comes from cows raised only on biodynamic farms. This farming method’s popularity has been increasing over the years, and so has the sustainable and natural farming that builds the future for our planet and the next generations. By making the choice to feed HiPP Stage 4, you are choosing a natural and healthy baby formula that has been produced by kind farming methods and consideration to our beloved animals.

      HiPP meets all EU organic regulations in the production of their organic baby milk and this means that you can trust that you are choosing a nutritious formula in which you can rely on the quality of the milk and ingredients.

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United States

Love this brand

This is the best formula out there. Very quick customer service although ship times can vary.

Jena B.
United States

HiPP Kindermilch

I love knowing I am giving the best formula to my daughter, and your customer service is excellent as usual! Thank you for being a wonderful place to order HiPP formula!

United States


Excellent customer service, they respond fast to emails, and I am thankful for a formula I can feel good about giving my daughter!


I feel happy :) !

I am new trying this formula, It's a little expensive compare with other but so far I like very much the product, I fed my baby with similac pro sensitive since he was born but I wanted to change because I don't like the idea to add sugar in formulas like corn syrup, etc ! hope this one can work great and keep my baby with vitamins besides the food I give him.

Abigail M.
United States


Love the product, love the company, they always deliver on time.

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