HiPP HA Stage Pre Combiotic Infant Formula

    • HiPP HA Stage Pre formula

      • Suitable for newborns as a breastmilk supplement
      • Gluten-free and starch free
      • No Added Soy, Wheat, Nuts
      • Natural Lactic Acid Cultures
      • GOS (Obtained from Lactose)
      • Great for babies that show signs of allergies as it is Hypoallergenic


      HIPP HA Pre is perfect for babies starting formula milk, from birth to 3 months. You can feed it exclusively or as a supplement for breast milk.

      This Hypoallergenic formula was specially developed for babies who might show symptoms of allergy or intolerance. It contains hydrolyzed dairy, which means that the milk proteins have been broken down into very small pieces, which avoids detection by the immune system and therefore avoids allergic reactions.

      While HiPP recommends breastfeeding, if you need to supplement or exclusively feed formula, HiPP developed this formula that resembles breast milk and does not contain Maltodextrin or starch. Choosing a formula that does not contain starch is important at this stage because starch gives your newborn a false feeling of fullness, and at this important stage of their life, you want your little one to get all those important nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need for essential growth and health.

      HiPP HA Pre is easy to digest, all the ingredients are very gentle on your baby`s stomach and it has a high protein content.

      By choosing HiPP Hypoallergenic you are selecting a formula that has no added sugar, contains no GMO, hormones or steroids and of course excludes artificial chemicals or flavoring, and it also has no added preservatives.

      Another important benefit of this infant formula is that it contains a great range of vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin K, and vitamin D.

      HiPP HA Pre is entirely natural and uses the best quality ingredients and is produced from top quality milk. By choosing HiPP you are choosing a baby formula that has been produced by bio farms that care and are dedicated to health and sustainability.

      We know how overwhelming the process of learning everything and anything about taking care of your newborn can be, HiPP HA PRE takes one less thing off your plate. Parents can be reassured that they are feeding their newborn one of the best formulas on the market.

      Make sure to read our reviews from other happy parents that have trusted this formula. If you have doubts, need more information or have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. Just like you, we are real parents and are happy to share our experience with you.

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United States

The only formula that worked

We were looking for an alternate to Enfamil formula as I don’t make enough breast milk for my son. After going through a number of formulas and sleepless nights due to gas and irritation, this was the only one that worked. The best part is that I don’t feel bad using this supplement because it’s organic and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients.

United States

Hipp Ha Pre

Our kiddo had a pretty good rash on his cheeks from what we think is a milk allergy! We switched over to the Hipp HA Pre, and within 2 weeks his face had cleared up. These folks are amazing with their advice and customer service!!!

Abby K.
United States

Wonderful company!

I highly recommend Organi Baby Food Shop if you're looking for fast shipping and quality products. My daughter uses HIPP HA and we never have to worry about our shipments getting to us on time when we order from this company.

Xiomara B.
United States

Easy to digest

Excellent! Super accommodating and very knowledgable

United States

Saved My Butt!

So, they are based in Austin, Tx where we live, and one of the owners was nice enough to get it to me ASAP because we were completely out. I had ordered it from another company whose two day shipping turned into 3 day shipping. Buying the five formula boxes option saved me money, and I got the formula super quick. Plus, the owner is super nice, and I owe him big time for going above and beyond at no extra cost. I will only order from this company from now on where it is always 1 day shipping. Thank you!

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