HiPP Goat Stage 2 Organic Formula

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    • HiPP Organic Goat Milk Stage 2 - German Version

      • Suitable from 6 to 12 months as a breast milk replacement or supplement
      • 400g in each box
      • Makes 100 fluid ounces of prepared Goat milk formula
      • Biodynamic, 100% organic certified formula
      • Made with A2 goat milk to ease digestion of your baby
      • Contains ARA (Omega-6) & DHA (Omega-3)
      • Gluten-free and starch-free
      • No Added Soy, Wheat, Nuts
      • Gluten and Soy-free
      • Enriched with prebiotics (GOS)


      HiPP Goat’s Milk 2 organic baby formula is a great choice for your baby. This formula has all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your newborn needs, for growth and development right from the start.

      You can use HiPP Goat 2 after 6 months and onwards, so if you find yourself needing to supplement or exclusively bottle feed, HiPP Bio Goat 2 is a safe and future-conscious choice for your little treasure.

      It’s very easy on your baby's digestive system and stomach. At this early stage, you want your baby to absorb all the nutritious benefits HiPP Organic Goat 2 offers, so good digestion is very important. Another wonderful benefit that easy digestion brings is a happy baby. Easy digestion can help your baby sleep better, and sleep is extremely important, especially at this age as it stimulates healthy growth.

      HiPP Goat 2 contains no added preservatives, no added gluten, soy, wheat or nuts and only includes all natural organic ingredients that are beneficial for your baby's dietary nutrition.

    • This formula may be a good option if your little one struggles with digestive issues, is sensitive to cow's milk, or you're looking for a gentle breastmilk-like formula.

    • The great quality of the milk comes from Biodynamic farms, where happy, relaxed, free-range goats are raised without chemical or synthetic agents. Your baby will taste the difference in the quality of this milk.

      You are looking at a formula that is close to breast milk, but also that contributes to plant protection and soil for a sustainable planet for your child's future.

      HiPP constantly exceeds EU guidelines when it comes to Biodynamic farming and offers a healthy and sustainable baby formula choice for your family’s growing and changing needs.

      More and more Pediatricians from around the world recommend HiPP and as well as thousands of parents who have tried this brand, so make sure to read our happy customers' testimonials.

      As with all of the formulas we ship, we have personally inspected each box before departure. If you have questions, feedback or doubts about HiPP Organic Goat 2 Formula please reach out to us at any time. We are real parents just as you are and happy to help and share with you our personal experience.

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Dawson G.
United States United States

Pleasantly Surprised

I was apprehensive to order something written in a foreign language, but then I remembered how much more strict EU countries are about their food compared to the regulatory-captured FDA. This new milk is a game-changer. I've already noticed less spit up in less than a week and it was easy to wean our son into. A much healthier option than anything you can buy at name brand stores.

United States United States

Fast shipping

Arrives very quickly and my baby tolerates this formula well! I feel better about the ingredients compared to other formulas.

Rosalinda A.
United States United States

Very Satisfied

This formula has worked out very well for my 7mo old. Its easy to mix and she adjusted very well to it without any digestive issues. I was also very happy with how quickly my order arrived. My only complaint would be that I wish it was stored in a can, instead of a bag in a box and I wish it had English instructions.

United States United States

Fast shipping

This formula is great. It doesn’t constipated my 10 month old and we had an easy transition going from breast milk to this. Also, the shipping speed is INCREDIBLE. I never have to worry about the formula not getting here on time because they’re so on top of it. It’s been a great experience so far!

Sanna T.
United States United States


It was great and my son seemed to not have any more tummy issues or allergic reactions. The only problem was I didn’t realize how expensive it was for how many grams we received and he eats a lot lol so unfortunately I had to look at different goat milk options otherwise everything else seemed great.

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