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Organic Agriculture

Why Choose Organic Formula?

Organic infant formula is produced using entirely organic ingredients. For cow milk based formula, this means that the dairy cow must also be raised according to organic standards and fed an organic diet - no pesticides or growth hormones allowed. The same rules apply for the goats who produce goat's milk formula.

Babies are the most vulnerable and sensitive when they are under one year of age - this is why it is critical that babies are not given any formula with ingredients which can lead to poor health, delayed development, inflammation, digestive issues, and other problems. Organic formula can alleviate many of these concerns, but not all organic formula is the same!

Why Choose Organic Formula from Holle and Lebenswert?

Unfortunately even if a baby formula is "organic" it can still contain unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients, such as cane sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, soy, and natural flavors. Organic formulas made by Holle, and Lebenswert contain no preservatives, no added sugar, no soy, no coloring, and no flavorings.

Moreover, these formulas exceed guidelines that are the most strict in the world in regards to organic certification requirements, including: proper land-use, zero GMOs, sustainable energy usage, no use of chemical or synthetic fertilizers or hormones, and free-range biodynamic animal farming techniques.

This is why we believe that not only is organic formula the most important to feed your baby, but specifically organic formula from one of these producers is the absolute best thing to feed your baby besides breastmilk. We have fed our babies both Lebenswert and Holle and couldn't be happier with the results.

As parents ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to find the best formula to feed your baby. Our goal at is to provide the best reliable service to ensure that you can easily have access to the best formula in the world - which is why we provide the best prices and fast free shipping.

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