Lebenswert Stage 3 Organic Formula


    Lebenswert Stage 3 Organic (Bio) Formula

      • 100% Organic Infant formula
      • Suitable as toddler milk
      • Provides Vitamin A and C for a thriving immune system
      • Iron-fortified
      • Wheat, soy, gluten and peanut free (for allergic babies)
      • Easy formula transition
      • No added preservatives
      • Premium quality and Bioland Association approved


    Lebenswert Stage 3 Organic formula provides your growing infant with all the best nutrients organic formula can bring. Suitable for babies 10 months and up, Lebenswert Stage 3 formula is dedicated to the healthy nourishment of your little one. Lebenswert 3 Formula also contains vitamin D and calcium for the development of growing bones and provides vitamin A and C for a healthy and thriving immune system.

    Lebenswert Stage 3 formula nourishes your little one while providing a formula free of GMO ingredients, chemicals and sugars. This formula is the best suitable toddler milk - use it for growing children!

    Lebenswert Stage 3 Organic formula only uses the best ingredients so you can be assured that you’re feeding your child with top quality formula a healthy start for your baby. Earth-conscious parents can also be assured that their formula comes from ethical and biodynamic farms.
  • As Lebenswert formula is Bioland certified, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re not only providing your child with the best formula in the market, but also supporting ethical farm practices.
  • Lebenswert Stage 3 Organic (Bio) Formula only uses the best ingredients so you can be sure that you're feeding your child the best formula for a healthy start for your baby. Earth-conscious parents may also be happy to know that this formula comes from ethical and biodynamic farms.
  • As all Lebenswert Organic (Bio) Formulas are Bioland certified, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are not just providing your child with the best formula on the market, but also encouraging ethical farm practices.

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United States

Quick and so helpful. Great price and service

Thank you so much for being so flexible and responsive in getting the product to us in record speed. So awesome to have someone locally in Austin too! Makes the world of difference. Thanks again


Thank you so much for your organicbabyfood.shop review :) We are so happy to get Lebenswert to you super fast, and of course it is a huge pleasure to have some of our best customers right here in Austin :) Thanks again!

Robin L.
United States

Excellent service and products

The Organic Baby Food.Shop was a pleasure to use during the year that my baby used the Lebenswert formulas. The website was a breeze to shop and order from, the bulk order prices, rewards program, and free shipping made the formula affordable, and the product arrived quickly and on-time. The customer service was friendly and professional. I highly recommend!


Robin, thank you so much for your lovely review! It has been a pleasure sending you formula each month, and seeing as your baby progressed through all the stages! As parents ourselves we know how important it is to get Lebenswert formula on-time and quickly, so it is always a pleasure to ship as quickly as possible 6 days a week :) Thanks again Robin! Time flies! :)


Excellent formula & service

I first learned about this product from my niece's high school teacher and the search was on. I only had the picture sent by text and I searched all night until I came across the Organic Baby Food Shop! We have had to supplement starting at 9 1/2 months but I wanted to try this product at about month 7 just to be sure it would be okay. I promise you will NOT be disappointed. I have seen my friends supplement with US store brands and their LO's did not seem to like it very much and seem to struggle with stomach issues. Our LO did not experience any of this, no stomach issues or appetite changes. If you are looking for a supplement or product to use exclusively, look no more...this is it!! We truly appreciate you Organic Baby Food Company for your excellent service (love the personal handwritten thank you notes), quick shipments, and willingness to provide a great product for us here in the US. Oh, and your prices can't be beat!!! Thank you!!


Thanks for such a fantastic review! We also feed Lebenswert to our daughter and are so happy to have found it - especially with the alternative being the horrible formula sold in stores here in the US. We are honored to be able to provide it to you and to other families, as we know how much it helped ours :)

Robert L.
United States


Great service, excellent selection.

Esti C.
United States

Always an A+

Per usual, even with the Christmas holiday rush, Organic Baby Food shop had our order out their door the very next day. I really don't know how they do it but while all my other USPS (priority packages) were delayed, my baby's formula got to me just in time. I just referred my sister-in-law for to purchase toddler milks because she's been having trouble feeding her daughter. I know they will have an amazing experience as well. Highly recommend!!

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