Holle Bio Stage PRE Formula

Best formula for breastfed babies

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Though breast milk is the best option for babies, we know this is not always an option, which is why we highly recommend Holle Bio PRE infant formula, which can be fed from birth to up to 6 months old. We recommend Holle Bio Pre Formula instead of Holle Stage 1 Bio Formula for babies up to 6 months as PRE contains no maltodextrin or starch which prevents babies from feeling full when indeed they are not, as babies at this time of their little lives need more frequent satiation. Holle Bio PRE Formula will provide your baby with all the nutrition, vitamins and minerals to flourish correctly. Holle is recommended by Pediatricians around the world.

All of Holle´s Formulas are produced in Germany, and there are no higher quality expectations than with Holle’s baby products. Their formulas are manufactured with close connections to biodynamic agriculture, excluding any harmful chemicals. Get Holle Bio Stage at the Organic Baby Food Shop for the best price and fast shipping from our offices in Austin (Texas), Freehold (New Jersey) and Los Angeles (California)

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