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HiPP HA Stage Pre Combiotic Infant Formula - New 600g Size!

53 reviews
    • HiPP HA Pre Stage Baby Formula

      • New 600g size!
      • Ideal for newborn babies
      • Makes 150 fluid ounces of prepared formula
      • Gluten- and starch-free
      • No added soy, wheat, or nuts
      • Natural Lactic Acid Cultures
      • Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) prebiotics
      • Hypoallergenic (HA) for babies who show signs of allergies


      HIPP Combiotic Pre HA baby formula is perfect for babies from birth to 6 months who show signs of allergies. It is suitable for exclusive formula feeding or as a supplement for breast milk, and is the best formula for milk protein allergy-prone babies.

      This hypoallergenic formula was specifically developed for babies who show symptoms of a milk allergy or intolerance. The formula contains hydrolyzed dairy, which means that the milk proteins have been broken down into very small pieces, avoiding detection by the immune system and therefore also avoiding allergic reactions.

      While HiPP recommends breastfeeding, HiPP has developed this formula to closely resemble breast milk for when breastfeeding is not possible. This HiPP HA formula does not contain Maltodextrin or starch, meaning your baby won’t feel a false sense of fullness — and at this important stage of your baby’s life, you want them to get all of the important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals they need for essential growth and health.

    • HiPP HA Pre is easy to digest, made with ingredients that are gentle on your baby's stomach. By choosing HiPP Hypoallergenic, you are choosing a formula that contains no added sugar, no GMOs, no hormones, and no steroids. What’s more, this formula is free of artificial chemicals and flavoring and it also has no added preservatives.

      HiPP’s Hypoallergenic Combiotic formula for newborns has a high protein content and contains probiotics, prebiotics (including GOS), and fish oil to provide your baby with the highest quality nutrition. It also provides babies with a wide range of critical vitamins including C, E, A, B1, B6, K, and D.

      Choosing a formula for your little one — especially when they are so small — can be overwhelming with so many options on the market. With HiPP, you know that you’re giving your little one the best. Not only does HiPP use ingredients they can stand behind; they also source these ingredients from biodynamic farms that operate sustainably for a better world.

      Check out the reviews of HiPP’s HA Combiotic formula below to hear what other parents think. Or reach out to us directly with any questions you may have. We’re happy to help as you find the best option for your baby!

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United States United States
Always the best customer service...

Considering how insane everyone is during the corona virus stress, this company still has it together! Fast delivery and always a perfect product!

United States United States
Excellent customer service and product

All of my interactions with the team at the Organic Baby Food Shop have been awesome! They are always quick to reply to my questions and happy to help. Additionally, we love the HIPP pre HA formula and the prices are very reasonable for a hypoallergenic formula.

Jessica P.
United States United States
Fast service & Great Quality Product

Two of my three older children, including myself, are lactose-intolerant. We have a low birthweight newborn that I have been triple-feeding (nurse, syringe with breast milk combined with formula, pump) for his first eight weeks. He’s gone from 5lbs 4 ounces to 9 pounds! I was using a Similac (corn syrup-based) gentle formula, but was not seeing strides in weight gain. Have decided to switch him to the goats milk formula at 4 months (would do it sooner if it was available), but the hydrolized milk protein in the HIPP Ha Combiotik seems to be daring well right now. I’ve shared my story a bit I’m on my instagram and have piqued the interest of a few friends, including a celebrity who is a new mom, too. I’m liking what I’m seeing. I’ve also shared my experience with this formula with my MilkWorks Lactation Specialist, who is a 65+ years young RN. She’s very interested in learning more!

United States United States
Excellent service

Received our HiPP formula quickly; great customer service!

Shala D.
United States United States
Couldn’t ask for better service

Very happy with my experience here! So fast, easy and love the rewards program!

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