HiPP HA Stage 2 Combiotic Formula - New 600g Size!

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    • HiPP HA Combiotic Stage 2 formula

      • New 600g size!
      • Ideal for babies from 6 months
      • 600g in each box
      • Makes 150 fluid ounces of prepared formula
      • Hypoallergenic for babies who show signs of allergies
      • Easy to digest
      • Contains PREBIOTIK (Oligosaccharides)
      • Uses natural lactic acid
      • Gluten-free


      HiPP HA Stage 2 Combiotic Infant to Toddler Formula is ideal for babies 6 months of age or older. This hypoallergenic formula resembles breast milk in its chemical structure and provides similar nutrients. For babies with special dietary needs or who are prone to allergic reactions, HiPP Hypoallergenic Formula Stage 2 is a perfect option as it has low levels of allergens and is recommended by pediatricians worldwide. 

      HiPP HA Combiotic Stage 2 formula is made using only the highest quality ingredients sourced from sustainable farms that use ecological practices. This formula contains no added sugars, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, or hormones and does not use any GMO, synthetic, or artificial ingredients. 

      As the best hypoallergenic baby formula on the market, HiPP HA Combiotik 2 Formula is made using hydrolyzed dairy. This means that the dairy proteins are broken down into small pieces so as not to be detected by the immune system to avoid allergic reactions. The ingredients of the formula have been specifically designed to cover the nutritional needs of babies at this wonderful, active stage. 

      The term “combiotic” means that probiotics, prebiotics, and fish oil have been added to the formula. In the case of this HiPP HA Stage 2 Combiotic Formula, the prebiotic galactooligosaccharides (or GOS filaments) is used, which is the same prebiotic as what is found in breast milk. 

      Babies often start eating solid foods around the age of 6 months. HiPP’s HA Stage 2 is a great supplement to this stage of discovering foods. The formula can be mixed in a bottle as formula usually is or can be combined with soft foods like cereal or mashed bananas to provide more nutrients and help your little one feel fuller after their meal. 

      If you’re unsure of whether this formula is for you, take a look at the reviews below to hear from other real parents. You can also reach out to us here at the Organic Baby Food Shop anytime — we’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Ordering with us means getting the lowest prices and the best customer service plus fast, free shipping. So place your order today! 

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Ashlee R. Barnes-Lee
United States United States

Great formula— have some concerns

I started using this formula to supplement while breast-feeding due to my daughters dairy allergy. She took to it right away with no issues and I was so relieved, especially when the formula shortage came about. Unfortunately, with the most recent purchase it seems that she has not been enjoying the formula as she has in the past. She drinks my expressed breastmilk from the bottle just fine but when presented with the formula she drinks it reluctantly. I hope that the formula shortage did not lead to a change in the where the formula is prepared or manufactured.

Karen L.
United States United States

Heaven Sent!

My son is 8 months old and sensitive to dairy. I was able to breastfeed for 7 months until I had to start supplementing with formula. With the formula shortage in the US, I was able to find a soy formula that he could tolerate well. It was easier to find than the hypoallergenic formulas. I noticed once I started having to give him more formula, he had a severe eczema flare up. We have been battling the eczema ever since I was no longer able to breastfeed. He was also starting to get constipated with no relief. I was desperate to find a hypoallergenic formula with cleaner ingredients and did not smell like dog food! THIS FORMULA has helped him tremendously!!! It does not smell like typical formulas. He tolerates it well. And he’s no longer constipated! So thankful I was able to find this!

Mireya T.
United States United States

My expectations were met!

Fantastic and quick delivery!

Jhatnna R.
United States United States

Great Formula-

This has been the only formula I had used for my baby! Highly recommended!

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