HIPP Organic Stage PRE Infant Formula

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    • HIPP BIO PRE Infant Formula

      • Suitable for newborns
      • 600g in each box
      • Makes 150 fluid ounces of prepared formula
      • Biodynamic 100% organic certified formula
      • Gluten-free and starch-free
      • No genetically modified ingredients
      • No added soy, wheat, nuts
      • Natural lactic acid cultures
      • GOS (obtained from lactose)


       HiPP Bio Pre is great for babies as a starting formula and can be given from birth until 3 months of age. It is perfect to be used as a supplement or exclusively. This baby formula is full of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals including: iron, potassium and folic acid. Iron is great for energy and to carry oxygen around your baby’s body and organs. Potassium helps with blood pressure, muscle function and heart rhythm. And folic acid assists in the production of red blood cells and helps with your baby's physical and mental development.

      As it does not contain starch, it won't give your baby the feeling of false fullness, which is a great benefit, as at this stage we want our babies to get as much formula possible to ensure they receive all the nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals for development, health and growth

      HiPP Organic Formula is really gentle on the stomach, as the ingredients are very easy to digest. It also contains natural lactic acid cultures derived from organic milk. Why is this good?

      Lactic acid bacteria are very significant groups of probiotic organisms, commonly used in fermented dairy products. They have many benefits such as enhancing lactose digestion, stimulating the immune system, and preventing and even treating diarrhea.

      When you choose HIPP Germany Pre Formula, you are selecting a bio formula that has no added sugar, contains no GMO, hormones or steroids, and of course, excludes all artificial chemicals and flavoring, and has no added preservatives or toxins.

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Hipp Pre Formula

they were fast in delivery!

United States United States
Good stuff

Formula is good and received it promptly

Sinead S.
United States United States

So far very good

Anne R.
United States

We bought in bulk this time around because we were confident that our baby was loving the formula and thriving from it too!

United States

Amazing. The switch from the initial formula was seamless and within a day there was a noticeable difference. Our 12 week olds spitting up has almost completely vanished as well as his comic symptoms. Very thankful

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